Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Seloli - on the move 2

On the move ... by Pandji

Seloli - on the move

Cub on the move ... by Tora

Seloli - StreetCub 70 Fever

Selolers yoo wadup ... the new beginning of streetcub fever ...

Smack my bitch cub!

Seloli - In da hood

Capital "J" Cub's in da hood 

Seloli Clubman - Iwan

Clubman: kiss my as*, i'm sexy and you know it ...

Shut the funked up ...

Seloli Clubman - Tora

Seloli clubman: is it a bird? no. is it a plane? no, it's a clubman...
Let's just notice that this cub is hotter than ever with big wheels

Seloli Grunge - Pandji

Seloli grunge: taken from Honda 70 back in late 70's, grundge in a way reflect an indie spirit that brings freedom to the street. Cub Cobain on the run

Seloli Rock - Cosza

Seloli rock: have you ever heard about Motley Crue? 
Yeaah, let's us say this is our Tommy Lee Cub